Technical Consultancy

Advanced Numerical Modelling & Complex Analysis

At Sea & Gao, we have developed an inhouse particle method tailored for addressing large motion and breaking waves phenomena. This method has found applications in coastal wave analysis, liquid sloshing, and green water slamming assessments.

In addition, we harness an array of diverse numerical techniques and high performance tools to address intricate challenges spanning both the naval architectural aspects of marine offshore structures and the structural mechanics aspects of large steel structures. 

Our toolkit comprises commercially available software packages commonly employed in the marine and offshore industry, as well as open-source code packages like OpenFOAM.

Some illustrative applications of these tools include:

  • FEM Analysis and Fatigue assessment
  • Structural integrity and health monitoring
  • Propeller characteristics
  • Ship hydrodynamic performance
  • Ship grounding or collision investigation
  • Liquid sloshing and wave slamming
  • Coastal wave simulation and interaction with structures
  • Vortex induced vibration for deep-water risers and pipelines
  • Cargo lashing and transportation
  • Mooring analysis
CFD ship and propeller Port navigation safe port
Liquid LNG sloshing

Naval Architecture

In our capacity as naval architects, we offer comprehensive technical support encompassing the entire lifecycle of marine vessels and structures. Our services span the following areas, among others: engineering design, construction and installation, operation and maintenance of marine vessels and structures. 

Our services include but not limited to the performance evaluation, contractual compliance or compliance with international standards and Class rules and regulations, decarbonization of shipping and related EEDI or EEXI compliance, damage inspections and root cause analysis.

Naval Architecture Design Review performance evaluation, contractual compliance

Ocean Engineering

Leveraging our advanced computational expertise, we employ mathematical and scientific methodologies to address challenges arising from tidal forces, waves, and currents affecting a wide range of coastal, offshore, and subsea structures. Whether it involves the analysis of ports, coastal zones, subsea pipelines, wind turbines, wave-energy harvesting devices, mooring buoys, Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) units, or oil platforms, our capabilities extend to provide effective solutions in diverse marine and offshore environments.

pipeline corrosion erosion CFD

Litigation Support

Expert Witness

We conduct forensic investigations into a diverse range of structural failures, marine casualties and incidents.  We serve as expert witnesses and offer expert testimony in arbitrations and courts in many countries. Our familiarity with the specific requirements governing the use of expert evidence in various jurisdictions enhances our ability to provide valuable insights and support to our clients. A significant proportion of these cases are resolved through the leading maritime arbitration institutions, including but not limited to LMAA, SCMA and HKIAC.

expert witness

Dispute Resolution

Expert Determination

Through mutual consent of the involved parties, we are designated as experts within the alternative dispute resolution framework of Expert Determination. This streamlined approach offers a rapid and cost-effective means of resolving disputes characterized by their technical complexity, facilitating efficient and conclusive outcomes.

expert determination

Dispute Resolution


Our director, Dr. Gao, is the panel arbitrator of the Singapore Chamber of Maritime Arbitration (SCMA) and the Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators (SIArb).  She is open to accepting appointments in dispute resolution proceedings on an ad hoc basis or under the purview of institutional rules.


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