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Dr. Mimi Gao Naval Architect Expert Witness

Dr Mimi GAO

Investigate, Evaluate and Resolve

Every year, tens of thousands of marine casualties and incidents occur causing significant property damage and loss of human lives. Our primary objective is to leverage our technical expertise to help our clients in enhancing safety and finding optimal solutions.

At Sea & Gao, we conduct forensic investigations into the marine and offshore incidents employing a scientific approach. This includes site inspections, samplings, laboratory testing, computer modelling and sea trials. Furthermore, we assess design, installation, and operational aspects, scrutinize compliance with international standards, rules, and regulations, provide independent root cause analyses, and opine on potential remedies and repairs.

In our capacity as Expert Witnesses, we assist Courts and tribunals across various jurisdictions, utilizing state-of-the-art numerical techniques and high-performance computations.

Additionally, we are entrusted as Expert Determiners or Arbitrators to expedite the resolution of international disputes in a cost-effective manner. Our working languages are both English and Chinese.




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Renowned KC

“May I say that I thought your work was outstanding. Thank you for your excellent work on this claim. It was a pleasure to meet you.”

Leading Insurer

“We appreciate your swift and competent service and will not hesitate to recommend you.”

Legal Counsel - Top MNC

“Thank you very much for this. I read it and I am again quite impressed. From my point of view it is excellent and as of now I think it covers all bases. Great work indeed!”

Top Shipping Company

“Dr. Gao deserves a special mention not only for the very specialized analysis that she carried out before the hearing but also meeting continuous demands from our counsel team to produce additional computations during the hearing.”

Leading Maritime Lawyer

“Thanks very much for your excellent desktop review and a very clear report. It’s really a pleasure to receive these! Great work!”

Renowned Counsel

“We were very pleased with your expert assistance, and we will have no hesitation recommending you as an expert witness in future cases.”

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