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In Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

From Ships to Offshore Structures like oil platforms, offshore wind farms and subsea systems, we conduct maritime forensic investigations to various incidents and accidents in relation to design, operation and maintenance.

We adopt state-of-the-art tools, software and methods in our investigation, including but not limited to Finite Element (FEM) analysis,  Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Particle methods,  Model Testing in laboratory settings and Sea Trials.

We are appointed as Expert Witness, providing expert evidences to assist the Court and tribunal in reaching informed decisions. Additionally, we provide dispute resolution services as Expert Determiner or Arbitrator, facilitating fair and efficient resolutions for intricate maritime disputes.

CFD in the maritime industry

Hydrodynamics of Ships and Propellers

Ship and propeller performance prediction using CFD has become a supplement to the traditional model testing, if not replacing it.  Furthermore, CFD is also made compulsory by Classification society in certain design areas.

Extreme Wave Impacts

In addition, CFD has been widely used in analyzing extreme wave impacts caused by slamming or green water loads, sloshing of liquid cargoes like LNG, and flooding.

Fluid-Structure Interactions

Likewise, due to the geometrical and bathymetrical complexity and nonlinearity, CFD computation has become the key solution (if not the only) to fully understand the fluid-structure interactions (e.g. inside ports and harbors).  

Industries We Work For

container tanker general cargo

From hull to propulsion, maneuvering, seakeeping, mooring, cargo lashing and securing, heavy lifting, we can assist you on every naval architectural aspect.

oil and gas offshore platform subsea deepwater

If you have a structure or facility operations at sea or subsea, we can assist you on various types of structural or fluid-related issues and challenges. 

offshore wind turbine windfarm

With the rapid growth of the offshore wind energy, the associated accidents increased dramatically. We provide bespoke technical analysis for clients in this industry. 

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